Functions of the Governor's Office

The governor's office, within its geographical jurisdiction as defined in Royal Decree 36/2022, Article 6 of the Governorates System, and in coordination with the relevant authorities, is responsible for the following:

  • Implementing the state's public policy
  • Ensuring the rule of law, protecting the interests of the state, and enhancing its prestige
  • Developing, investing in, and promoting the governorate's resources to achieve sustainable development and create employment opportunities for citizens
  • Benefitting from /putting to good use the various potentialities/resources within the governorate
  • Establishing and managing municipal facilities
  • Safeguarding public properties and removing any [unlawful] encroachments upon them
  • Addressing the governorate's needs for public facilities and other government services
  • Participating in urban planning
  • Preserving the environment's integrity
  • Executing development projects specific to the governorate and overcoming any obstacles encountered
  • Monitoring economic activities within the governorate to foster their growth
  • Collaborating with relevant authorities in the preparation of national development plans and keeping abreast of their implementation progress